Who Is Sofia?

By Land Wilson, Author of Sofia’s Dream

What would keep someone friends for an entire lifetime? What makes a friendship survive the events and life changes that often end friendships? I am someone with a lifelong friend. Over the years, people have asked, “How have you and Sandro stayed friends since age two?” I never had a clear answer until I started a memoir.
In a nutshell, Sandro Rossini and I have been excited by the same things. Plato said, “Friends have all things in common.” As toddlers, our interests matched beautifully. We liked building blocks, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and anything Fisher Price as long as it had those little plastic people with round heads, colorful bodies, and smiley faces. As kids, we loved Hot Wheels, Water Rockets, Big Wheels and GI JOEs with Kung-Fu Grip. In middle school, dirt bikes, roller-skating, and disco became our “everything”, along with feathered hair and bell bottoms. 
We also developed a keen desire to be young entrepreneurs. We saw real estate in our futures, so we prepared ourselves by investing in comic books and coins. We even launched our own escargot business out of my backyard clubhouse. Sadly, our hopes for riches selling them to local restaurants were thwarted by the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa – an intestinal bacteria that spreads rapidly when populations are too dense.
Our interests came and went, but one that never went was girls. The lengths we would go to woo the girls of our affections make for two decades worth of funny stories. Fast-forward through our teens and twenties and our greatest thing in common would become the journey of starting our own families.
So who is Sofia? Thanks to the foresight of Little Pickle Press, a branding agency was engaged to fine-tune the title of my manuscript. Sofia’s Dreamwas chosen. I was pleased because “dream” is a powerful word and “Sofia” means wisdom in Greek. Being a top choice in baby names and universally recognized was a bonus. Ironically, Sandro’s daughter (now my daughter’s best friend) is also Sofia. 
Over the last seven years, I have done a lot of childcare for Sofia Rossini especially when her mother was suffering from a lengthy bout of morning sickness during her 2nd pregnancy. I am proud to say that there are two little Sofias in my life and both feel like family.
Having a lifelong friend has been a blessing, but not always rosy. Sandro and I have had our share of squabbles, but we have always come back to our friendship and our common interests. I don’t think having a lot in common is needed to have a lifelong friend, but it gives more reasons for spending time together. 
Who was it that said, “Those who play together stay together?”
Readers, if you have a lifelong friend, tell us about them in the comments. How long have you known them? What keeps your friendship together?
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14 thoughts on “Who Is Sofia?

  1. What a beautiful post celebrating enduring friendship and how it affects so much in our lives. I love learning the backstory behind books, and Sofia’s Dream holds a special place in my heart. The whole book has a dream-like quality, magical and sweet, yet with a powerful message for all of us.

  2. Land’s wicked sense of humor comes through. 😀 I hope Sandro drops by and gives us a few more stories to chuckle about.

  3. This post has also made me think about this concept of “mutuality” and having common ground in our relationships. I think it’s really true that people who are like each other, tend to like each other. And the opposite as well – where the true challenges live. I’ve certainly found it challenging to be friends with people of opposing political views, for example. Not something I’m particularly proud of. :/

  4. Thanks for the post, Land. Alot of this resonates with a friendship of mine, too. It started in 4th grade and has continued since, even through years of being apart in different states.

  5. Sandro is having email issues, so I am posting for him:”When we’re young the dentist tells us that if we care for our teeth they will last a lifetime. Friendship is the same. Land and I share common interests but, just as important, we value our friendship and we care for it. I plan on instilling the same values in my daughter, Sofia. This is especially important when I consider the social networking environment that Sofia will experience in the coming years. It’s exceptionally easy to “friend” someone and just as easy to “unfriend” someone. Disposible relationships. I’m hopeful that my children will have the love, support, and shared experiences that come with a true friend. Thank you for the gift Land!” Your friend, Sandro

  6. Land, I love that your building block adventures are the metaphoric foundation of such a strong,lasting friendship. Your post makes me want to search for and rekindle past friendships. 🙂

  7. Fun post about about an important topic! Friendship makes my life experience rich on so many levels. I am thankful for each and every one…

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