Where Do We Grow From Here?

By Audrey Lintner

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Happy New Year! The highs and lows of 2013 are behind us now, and a new calendar hangs on the wall, just waiting to be filled in. With the endless possibilities of 365 fresh starts available to us, we have to stop and think.

Where do we grow from here?

We asked members of the Little Pickle family to answer this question, and we’re pleased to present a few of them here today.

Rana DiOrio, Chief Pickle: “I resolve to: (i) be more patient with myself and others; (ii) forgive myself for all my imperfections; (iii) be more loving and to allow love; (iv) laugh more and to have much more fun; and (v) sleep deeply and peacefully.”

Kelly Wickham, Social Media Director: “Next year’s growth for me has to piggy back off what I learned this year, and it’s pretty much all personal growth. I think I ignored that for too long or didn’t allow myself to think introspectively until I reached my 40’s. So, what does that look like and how do I get there? Well, by taking care of myself through meditation and food. Yes, food. I am done eating Frankenfood and fake stuff, and have committed to working with a personal trainer and chef to get all the goodness from food. From there, I hope to feel better and have more energy. From there, I hope to find clarity and emotional security. From there? Well, let’s just imagine that too much of a good thing could lead me to growing into another pant size, so I’ll be monitoring that closely. In any case, personal growth for the win in 2014!”

Khadijah Lacina, Sales: “I am pretty sure that 2014 is going to be a year of change and growth for my entire family. In a couple of weeks we are making the move to a farm in southern Missouri, where we hope to raise chickens and goats as well as lots and lots of vegetables. No matter where we have lived, we’ve always striven to live as sustainably as possible, and were overjoyed when this opportunity arose. The children and I are poring over seed catalogs and reading up on chicken and goat breeds in preparation for the move. Of course, we aren’t getting any packing done, but one has to have priorities! I suspect that we will be spending a lot of time learning, messing up, learning, messing up, and learning and messing up. Hopefully we will learn more than we mess up!”

As for myself, I hope to grow not into a new pants size, but into gratitude. I will aim to be grateful for the little things in life that add up to the big things that really matter. It ought to be easy; I already have so many things to be grateful for. The way my little boy runs to the door when I get home, giggling and shouting, “Oh! What did Mama brought you? Now we can have a kiss and hug!” The continued improving health of my husband (A few more hospital payments, and he’s all mine!). The yarn store gift certificates that are burning a hole in my pocket.

Lots of things for which to be grateful. Lots of ways to grow.

Where will yougrow from here? 

6 thoughts on “Where Do We Grow From Here?

  1. I always look at each day as a new beginning, and this makes a huge difference in my life in so many ways. I am looking forward to seeing how each member of Team Pickle grows this year!

  2. Audrey, thank you for your blog post to start off the New Year 2014! The Little Pickle Press team has responded with awesome possibilities. What struck me and stuck with me was your choice of the accompanying photo – the well-traveled
    path to someplace and the alternative less traveled path. Best Wishes to the LPP team as they travel and try both paths professionally and personally to where they want to go. My opinion is that the goal is somewhere beyond what we can readily see but the adventures, exploration and
    change processes are what will actualize growth. There may even be more paths that crisscross the original ones. Have an exciting year searching for and making a difference! Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year, Pickles! May all your New Year wishes come true; from sleep filled nights, to more energy and finally Khadijah may you be blessed with oodles of goats to tend.


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