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What Does It Mean To Be A Good Sport?

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In a world that indulges a  sports mentality of crushing your opponents and winning at all costs, it can be hard to keep track of what it means to be a good sport. Thankfully, Little Pickle Press has an ever-growing panel of experts to remind us that kindness always wins, no matter what the score may be.

We asked youngsters to describe what being a good sport means to them. As always, the answers range from sweet and funny to remarkably insightful. Read on to see what they have to say!

Roan, 10: “Being nice and cheering on your friends. Say something nice to the other team when they lose.”

Lola, 7: “Everyone wins. You say, ‘good game’ even if you win and win by a lot.”

Eleanore, 4: “It’s like … kicking soccer balls in the right net.”

Sloane, 5: “It’s about the team, the group, or to be part of the team is what makes me feel good.”

Cora, 5: “I think you have to be really kind and follow the rules.”

Johnny, 7: “To always be fair and even if you lose say good game and if you win say good game.”

Since many of you are parents, caregivers, and teachers, there are no doubt plenty of clever kids in your lives that can add to the list of meanings that we’ve started here. Ask them what they think being a good sport means, and please be sure to share their answers in our comment section; we’d love to hear from you all!

If you’re having a hard time starting the “good sport” conversation, or you want to expand on the ideas that you’ve already covered with your little ones, check out BIG by Coleen Paratore. Another beautiful picture book from Little Pickle Press, BIG proves that size is a matter of heart, rather than height.


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