The Gift of Gratitude

By Land Wilson, Author of Sofia’s Dream

Getting a book published gives me a new appreciation for what it takes to go from the original idea to having the book in print. Before meeting Chief Executive Pickle, Rana DiOrio, it was an evolution of many life experiences, many conversations, interviews, writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing, re-writing, re-editing… and then came all of the publisher’s steps once the manuscript was submitted and accepted. This post is too short to list all of those many steps. At its state of completion, looking back at the number of people I am grateful to for their role in getting Sofia’s Dream to print, it is like looking back down a mountain. Each step along the way and each person’s role was a vital part of the process.

The people I am grateful for stand out in my mind as clear as day. I think this is because for me, writing is such a personal practice. I take it to heart when somebody offers me words of encouragement, a useful idea, or a referral to someone helpful. My gratitude runs deep, and I don’t forget the people who have assisted me along the way. For their role in helping bring Sofia’s Dream to life, I have these people to thank:

• To Apollo astronauts Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Frank Borman and Eugene Cernan—for their heroism, knowledge, inspiration, and interviews.
• To family Daphne Ahlenius, Catherine Carlton, Doug Carlton, Helga Carlton, Pietro Cinus, Susan Pagani, Eric Tetschner, Anna Wilson, Blythe Wilson, David Wilson, Donald Wilson and Joyce Wilson—for unwavering support.
• To friends and colleagues Dave Adams, Nina Cartee, Ken Goldman, Sean Hannan, Hillary Homzie, Pam Jacobs, Amy Rennert, Christina Rossini, Helen Rossini, Pennie Rossini, Ethel Seiderman, George Shank, Martin Singer, Tina Stolberg, Betty Joe van Gelder, and Jackie Winspear—for greatly valued assistance and encouragement.
• To global hero Denis Hayes—for Earth Day, for his life’s work, for his visionary mind, and for being the first person to express that they thought this story would be an attractive children’s book.
• To publisher Rana DiOrio—for her vision and commitment to this project and for being “the person” responsible for having my voice heard.
• To illustrator Sue Cornelison—for her exceptional talent and help with introducing Sofia to the world.
• To Little Pickle Press Team Members—Dani at Blogbooktours, Leslie Iorillo, Katy Kenney, Judy O’Malley, Rose Audette, Keith Anthony, Douglas Rowell, and the rest of the Pickle team—for your talents and devotion.

It is thanks to everyone here that I’m in this position of being able to fulfill a dream of writing and educating kids about protecting nature. I am grateful to each and every one of you!

A wise person once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.”

If there is someone you feel gratitude towards, tell them. This could be one of the best gifts you give this holiday season. And if you feel like you need something else to go along with your expressions of gratitude, I’d be grateful if you’d consider giving the gift of Sofia’s Dream by visiting where you will find their shopping cart.

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  1. I’m grateful to have the best job in the world, and to be able to work with so many talented and authentic people. I’m excited and proud to introduce “Sofia’s Dream” to family, friends and our customers at Little Pickle Press! Thank you, Land!

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