Sparking creativity with mind-mapping!

Sparking Creativity: Insights from Team Pickle

It’s hard to know just when inspiration will strike or in what direction it’ll take you. As Little Pickle Press moves onward and upward, we thought it might be nice to take a moment to reflect on some of our secrets to sparking creativity and harnessing inspiration.

Chief Pickle Rana DiOrio offered up her three favorite ways to get her brain in gear. “Walking, especially by water, taking a shower, or drinking wine. True story!” Talk about keeping your ideas fluid, eh?

Our resident Designing Mind Sarah Seward has her own ideas about sparking creativity. “Three things that fire up my brain? Coffee, running, and inverted yoga poses. One method I love to use to generate creative ideas is mind-mapping. It’s essentially putting pen to paper to associate seemingly unrelated concepts, words, themes, and images to explore a concept. It’s so dang fun!”

As for moi, it’s kind of a running joke around our house that I’m inspired by deadlines. I work so well under pressure that I should be a diamond by now. In truth, though, my imagination is set to “high” by three things: flour, music, and color. A bag of flour makes me think of baking, and creating breads and desserts is a specialty of mine. Music gets me moving, and moving sets off a mental chain of events that usually ends in inspiration. And color? I’m a knitter and weaver. I love to take those little threads of color and turn them into something new and beautiful.

Hey, that’s nine ideas for sparking creativity right there, from just three people. If everybody reading this shares their own three ideas, we could have enough mental starter fluid to spark the world.

Ready? Set? GO!

4 thoughts on “Sparking Creativity: Insights from Team Pickle

  1. I find I don’t have to work hard at all to get creativity sparking in our house, with all of the creative minds we have working together here. If I am feeling a bit stuck, I watch and listen to the children, and nine times out of ten they come to the rescue and help me get unstuck!
    Being outside helps me a lot. Sometimes I will go out and just focus on one sense at a time- you know, first just looking, then closing my eyes and listening, etc. It seems like this helps to make space in my mind for creativity to happen!

    I have just started mind mapping, so seeing that this works for Sarah is very cool.

  2. Some of my best ideas occur in the shower, with my hair full of suds. Another fave creativity energizer is walking. All by myself. No kids, no husband, not even the dog. Such sweet, sweet quiet. And of course driving, the longer the distance the better. I do like Rane’s thoughts about wine, too…

  3. For me it’s a long run… It’s not until that first mile is done that my head is clear and ready for new ideas! And of course a little wine later helps too!

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