Sharing With Students: LPP in the Classroom

By Audrey Lintner

Building your best brain!
One of the perks of working for a kid-oriented publishing company is getting to read lots of really neat books. One of the perks of being a parent who works for such a company is getting to share those books with local students. I took my copy of Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain over to the elementary school to get some feedback from the third grade classes. A few questions, some reading, and lots of giggles; we all had a great time.

My first question was pretty straightforward. Why do we need a brain? The near-universal answer to this one was “to learn.” Logan, Autumn, and Samantha all agreed that a brain is necessary in order to be smart. Dreya offered the thought that if you get really smart, you could be history, and Josh allowed that “you couldn’t think without one.”

Tori took a different approach, declaring that you have to have a brain, “Because if you don’t, you can’t be alive. You would have to be dead.” Bryn expanded on this concept, stating that the brain helps you “to live and not fall in lava.”

Question number two caused quite a few proud smiles. What is your brain really, really good at? Almost everyone confirmed that they were good at math or reading, while Chloe and Jackson mentioned that their brains were especially good at science. Abby and Jesse both professed to have a talent for thinking, while Justus leaned toward a broader range of skills. “My brain is good at multiplying and adding and subtracting and dividing.”

The third question was a toughie, with answers as diverse as the kids themselves. What can you do to train your brain? There were lots of suggestions to exercise, and quite a few admonitions to read and do math. Brooklyn included social studies as a good way to train your brain, while Dylan urged doing things you haven’t done. Cory and Hayden agreed that going to school and learning stuff is just the ticket for brain training.

We had a fine time learning about our brains, and all of the kids assured me that they were looking forward to a future visit and a reading of The Owner’s Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain. If you’d like to share the gift of reading with a local school, or if you want to surprise your own family with some of the best in children’s literature, you’re in luck. Just in time for Small Business Saturday, Little Pickle Press is offering their most amazing savings to date.

Small business, HUGE savings!
I’d like to thank my very attentive and helpful audience and their teachers. In addition to the students already named, I had help from Chris, Kadince, Marissa, Derek, Lukas, Justice, Jadynn, Aiden, Jazzamine, Joel, Mya, Lilly, Phoenix, Allie, Jasmine, Jade, Cameron, and Bailey.

Up for discussion: Did you ever have a visiting storyteller at your school? Which book would you choose to read to a class?

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  1. As the publisher, I can’t miss the opportunity to mention that we are reprinting Your Fantastic Elastic Brain for the 3rd time! Tomorrow’s the day to get your copy or to buy one to gift at 35% off + FREE SHIPPING. Thanks so much for your post, Audrey. I can always count on you to make me laugh.

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