Sharing Sofia's Dream!

Sharing Sofia’s Dream

It’s been a big month for Little Pickle Press! Our 5th birthday celebration, Earth Day, and a host of green living discussions. To wrap up the festivities, we’d like to introduce a special guest. Please welcome Makayla Henry, who is here to share her thoughts on Sofia’s Dream, written by Land Wilson and illustrated by Sue Cornelison.

Sofia’s Dream is written by Land Wilson. It is about a little girl named Sofia and her friend the Moon. She dreams of leaping into the galaxy and talks to the Moon. When she asked the Moon why he was blue, he said that Earth was in despair and needed help. Sophia was to think of Earth and care for her. She also asked others to care for Earth too. I like Sofia’s Dream because it teaches me that it’s my responsibility to keep Earth clean. If I do my part, I may inspire someone to do their part. Some examples of helping Earth are to not litter, plant trees, recycle, and ride bikes.

Makayla Henry

Primary Years Academy, Stockton Ca

Second Grade

Thank you, Makayla! You’re exactly right. If we each do our part, we can inspire others to do the same. You heard the young lady, folks. How will you inspire someone today?

4 thoughts on “Sharing Sofia’s Dream

  1. Dear Makayla,

    I am so pleased to hear that you chose to write about Sofia’s Dream. I like that you feel it teaches you that it’s your responsibility to keep Earth clean. You’ve done a great job at articulating the message of the book. Young people like you really inspire me! I have a feeling that you are the kind of person who will inspire many others in life. -Land

  2. Dear Makayla,
    You’re such a smart little girl & thank you for sharing the message & doing your part in keeping the earth clean. I promise to do my part as well.
    ♡ grandma

  3. Makayla you are well beyond your years in your ascertation of the moral of the story. This planet is one we share, not only with predecessors, but generations to come. It is paramount we never forget it, lest we sully our our one true commonality.

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