#RoarLikeAGirl with: Margaret

You’ve no doubt seen, heard, or perhaps even used one of her quotes at some point in your life, but do you know who Margaret Mead was?

Born in 1901, Margaret earned a Ph.D. in 1929, not long after her elevation to assistant curator of ethnology at the American Museum of Natural History. Her multiple trips to the South Pacific resulted in best-selling books and a profound shift in the overall approach to the study of human cultures.

Margaret demonstrated the differences in gender roles, and how those differences varied between societies. She argued that it was conditioning by those societies, rather than inherent characteristics, that determined gender roles and personalities.

Her open-minded approach not only yielded startling results, it also made anthropology itself a much more accessible topic and field of study for the general public. Here at Little Pickle Press, we believe in open-mindedness, accessibility, and learning, much like Willa Havisham, from our new middle grade book, “Roar Like A Girl.”


In a stunning turn of events, Willa Havisham has to leave the comfort of her beloved Cape Cod and move to Troy, New York. She’s fourteen years old and everything seems new; her questions, her ‘community rent,’ even a new boy—but through it all, she’s Always Willa.

The much-loved adolescent introduced in Coleen Murtagh Paratore’s “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter” series returns in this girl-empowering novel that takes readers on a journey from the comfort of Cape Cod to the newness of New York.

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