#RoarLikeAGirl with: Louisa

Running races, climbing trees, and writing melodramas for her friends; these were the pursuits preferred by Louisa May Alcott during her early years. Not content to be pigeonholed into society’s view of proper ladylike behavior, Louisa chose instead to follow her heart.

A writer early on, Louisa used her stories to give vent to a vivid imagination, creating exciting tales to entertain her sisters and their friends. By the age of fifteen, she knew that the world would hear of her, and vowed, “I’ll be rich and famous and happy before I die, see if I won’t!”

Determined to help her poverty-stricken family, Louisa sought work. Society in the mid-1800s offered few opportunities for women seeking employment, limiting them to positions such as seamstress, governess, or servant. Louisa took whatever jobs that she could find, and wrote in every spare moment.

At the age of twenty-two, in 1854, Louisa published her first work. Flower Fables was followed by other pieces, and her thirty-fifth year saw the publication of Little Women.

The rest is history.

While her personal wealth is irrelevant, Louisa certainly achieved two of her goals. She was happy, writing enthralling tales and poetry, and she is still famous, having created immortal characters beloved the world over.

Here at Little Pickle Press, we love Louisa’s characters, and are always seeking more who will inspire and entertain. One such character is Willa Havisham, from our new middle grade book, “Roar Like A Girl.”

ROAR_Cover_Sept 2015

In a stunning turn of events, Willa Havisham has to leave the comfort of her beloved Cape Cod and move to Troy, New York. She’s fourteen years old and everything seems new; her questions, her ‘community rent,’ even a new boy—but through it all, she’s Always Willa.

The much-loved adolescent introduced in Coleen Murtagh Paratore’s “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter” series returns in this girl-empowering novel that takes readers on a journey from the comfort of Cape Cod to the newness of New York.

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