How do you talk to your kids about giving back?


How do you talk to your kids about giving back?


Watch Giving Back

If the video doesn’t play, click here to watch it. Our thanks to Kathleen Albert, the With Care Pre-school, and the Random Acts of Kindness foundation for sharing this inspiring video!


Do Giving Back

Model giving back for the young people in your life by including them in something you do for others this holiday season.


•Can they sing a song, or write a letter, or make a drawing for someone else?

•Can they come to the store to choose something you’ll buy that will then be donated?

•How about volunteering together at a local food bank?


Brainstorm ways you can give back. Then do one—or more—of those things to help make our world a better, kinder, place!


(Find out how Little Pickle Press is giving back, to Syrians in need , to two underserved schools, and to help end world hunger.)


Read Giving Back

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