Publishing In Need Of Heart

October 2, 2009

It’s time to shift away from the old publishing paradigm and try something new. We need to do this for the sake of impressionable minds, underappreciated artists, Mother Earth, and those in need.

Impressionable Minds. It’s time for publishers to care more about the quality of the content they disseminate, especially to young children. We have a responsibility to help parents and educators empower their children by instilling values they need to be good little people today and worthy leaders tomorrow in an interesting and thought-provoking way.

Underappreciated Artists. It’s time to leave behind the cold construct of taking control, rights, and lime light away from the artists and showing authors and illustrators a little more love. It’s time to give more creative license and financial freedom to the artists instead of taking them out of the design process and compensating them with meager royalties. It’s time to give talented first-time authors and illustrators a chance instead of telling them they need to be published or have an agent to be considered. It’s time to market artists in a way that will make them as commercially successful as possible instead of expecting them to know how to do this themselves.

Mother Earth. It’s also time to show a little more respect for Mother Earth in our Industry. Most publishers give little consideration to the environment when printing, shipping, and distributing their materials. Recycled paper and soy inks should not be a “nice to do” but a “must do.” It’s time for less gift wrapping and more green packaging and green shipping — directing more business to delivery companies that are trying to be eco-friendly. It’s time to consider changing the distribution model that involves a lot of transportation, packaging at several levels, and inefficiencies to one that is more streamlined and minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

Giving Back. The Publishing Industry could learn a thing or two about giving back to people in need around the world from the fashion, food, and retail industries. If women will buy lipstick to find a cure for breast cancer, will they buy children’s books to help alleviate pain and suffering of children in need of consolation, food, shelter, medical attention, and protection from harm? Sure they will. It’s time to give millions of readers around the globe opportunities to help others while supporting the Publishing Industry, its audience, and its lifeblood, the artists. By showing a little more love and support of our children, the artists, the planet, and people in need, wouldn’t we all be well-served?

Little Pickle Press is about to find out.

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