What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?

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Written by Rana DiOrio and Emma D. Dryden, and illustrated by Ken Min



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When Rae witnesses an ice cream-and-doggie mishap, she’s inspired to create a big-scale solution to help get dogs clean. Rae draws on her determination, resilience and courage until she—and everyone else in her community—learns just what it means to be an entrepreneur.

What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur? is book six in the award-winning What Does It Mean To Be…?® series.

Ages: 4-8
Pages: 32


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These Entrepreneurs Loved It!

“Inspires young dreamers to find the courage to be doers.” — Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

“A book for all ages, What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur? distills the very essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Each page engages the reader to reflect and dig deeper into the journey of an entrepreneur, thereby discovering the complexity and demands required to travel this path.  DiOrio and Dryden capture the emotional, physical, and intellectual rigor of entrepreneurship in this wonderfully illustrated book which is sure to entice and inspire all inquiring minds about being an entrepreneur.”  — Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc.

“This book is a fabulous and insightful way to teach entrepreneurship to all ages. I love it!” — Lily Kanter, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Serena & Lily

“The word “entrepreneur” may feel distant to some, but this book makes entrepreneurial values accessible to children at a personal level. Its elegantly expressed concepts and superb imagery make it a tool I’m thrilled to have as I teach my children its essential message.” — Barrett Ward, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, fashionABLE

Winner of Two Awards

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Great Stories. Core Values. 

Emotional Intelligence: Multiple Points of View, Self-Aware, Be Present

Character Development: Be Curious, Be the Solution, Empowered, Be Resilient, Be Responsible, Communicate, Be a Leader

STEAM: Science, Technology

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile: Risk-Taker, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Communicator

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6 reviews for What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?

  1. 5 out of 5


    My son, age seven, was tickled when our advance copy arrived in the mail. “Whoooooaaaaaa. This is a good book! How many pages does it have?”

    THEN he read it.

    Three times.

    Another winner in the What Does It Mean To Be …? series!

  2. :

    “This adorable book by the authorial team of Rana DiOrio and Emma D. Dryden is a beautiful read. It was great to see the main character, in addition to being a minority, also be given the attributes most commonly associated with “boy” characters (intelligent, loves science, an engineer and an entrepreneurial spirit that goes leaps and bounds beyond opening a lemonade stand).

    The art is lovely, rich with detail yet not overwhelmingly busy. The illustrator, Ken Min, employs great use of color and negative space and leaving background areas in muted shades of a single color to keep the focus on the myriad of details – many of which you may miss the first read-through but that are a delight to find on the sure-to-occur second and third readings.”

    – Laura, Leo Libris Click to read the full article.

  3. :

    “What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur? is absolutely amazing. It was fun, quirky and inspiring. The illustrations are beautiful, full of vivid colors and shapes. It would definitely grab a child’s attention. The message really shined through, that you can become an ‘entrepreneur’ if you put yourself into the work. A particular quote from the book spoke to me, ‘…following your dream wholeheartedly and unwaveringly…even if it seems impossible.’ Its important that young people know not to give and that you can do anything if you want it bad enough. I would read this book to my younger siblings or any small human. Five stars.”

    The Book Adventures of Emily

  4. :

    What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur? was such a fun book to read with my six year old son. The first thing I noticed was the type of wording the authors chose to use. I felt the words were perfect to ignite a discussion with your child and talk further about being an entrepreneur. The illustrations were vibrant and helped tell the story. Also, kudos for including ethnic diversity. This book has a very positive vibe for kids to reach for the stars and if mistakes happen, you can learn from them and try again. We need more books like this one for our kids!

    I asked my son some questions about the book.

    What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

    It’s not impossible. If you can dream it, you can do it.

    Did you like the pictures in this book?

    Yes, I really like the robots!

    If you were an entrepreneur, what kind of ideas would you have?

    I would make robots to do things for people. A robot to clean your room. A robot to park your car. A robot dog to help blind people cross the street.

    my name is Sage

  5. :

    From School Library Journal:
    K-Gr 2–The sixth title in this series, this book aims to foster a positive entrepreneurial spirit in young readers. It offers a fun approach to a difficult concept, beginning with an explanation about what an entrepreneur should not be about (money, elitism) and moving forward to exploring more inspiring motives (problem-solving, curiosity, the desire to help others). Featuring diverse characters, the illustrations provide most of the story line, with a young girl named Rae looking for an inventive solution for dog washing. Young readers will delight in the wacky ideas (a dog-washing robot) and will feel a sense of accomplishment and wonder with Rae’s success in the final spread. The text does employ important but challenging vocabulary words, such as entrepreneur, initiative, and innovative. VERDICT While children may not select this title on their own, it would be a useful addition to collections to inspire creativity.
    – Jane Hebert, Glenside Public Library District, Glendale Heights, IL

  6. 5 out of 5


    I love this book! I’ve been an independent consultant for over 15 years and this simplifies what my kids see me doing all the time! It is also perfect for reminding team members why they became entrepreneurs in the first place. Thank you for offering it!

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