Snutt the Ift, An Intergalactic Love Story


Written and illustrated by Helen Ward


For scientist and intergalactic explorer Snutt, nature on a new planet is beautiful, wonderful… and empty, with no one to share it with. Then Snutt makes one more discovery that changes everything!

With lush and wondrous illustrations of the flora and fauna of an imagined world, this gender-free story of beauty found—and shared—invites readers of all ages to treasure our relationships and our planet.

Ages: 4-8

Pages: 42

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Winner of Five Awards
ForeWord Review Book of the Year Finalist Gelett Burgess Book of the Year Mom's Choice Gold Award Silver Nautilus Award Gold IPPY Award


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 Great Stories. Core Values.

Emotional Intelligence: Love, Friendship, Sharing

Character Development: Be Grateful, Be Curious

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile: Balanced, Inquirer, Caring, Risk-Taker, Reflective

STEAM: Science, Technology, Art, Be Green, Environment

LGBTQ: Beyond Gender, Gender-Free

5 reviews for Snutt the Ift, An Intergalactic Love Story

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    “SNUTT THE IFT is purely beautiful, or as purely beautiful as anything can be which also contains little bits of mischievous humor. When you look at these illustrations, as Joanna Carey of The Guardian put it, ‘you think about where illustration stops and fine art begins’… This is a book to add to your library, whether you have a child in your life or only in your heart.” ~ Marian Allen 

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    “Gorgeous illustrations and a sweet friendship story that works for children and adults. I gave a half a dozen away for holiday gifts.” ~ Daniele Greer

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    “It’s a children’s picture book, yes, but the message, like most classic children’s literature, will also resonate with adults.” ~ Spunk on a Stick

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    “Helen’s illustrations are renowned for their vitality and painstaking attention to detail, and this is never more in evidence than in the fantastical, imaginative world she has created in Snutt the Ift, a Small But Significant Chapter in the Life of the Universe.” ~ Stephen Tremp 

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    “This book is a must-have for readers of all ages who appreciate imagination and adventure. The illustrations are breath-taking and completely original. The narrative is meaningful and memorable. A small, but truly significant book!” ~ Sarah Seward

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