Canticos Little Chickies/Los Pollitos

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Written and illustrated by Susie Jaramillo

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Based on “Little Chickies Squeal/Los Pollitos Dicen”, one of the most popular nursery rhymes in the Spanish speaking world, Little Chickies/Los Pollitos (Canticos) is an homage to the demanding nature of babies and the unconditional love, care and warmth given to them by their mommies.

This English adaptation of the song is as catchy and lyrical as the Spanish version and sure to engage new audiences not familiar with the original song. It is the perfect gifting book for new moms, featuring the beloved story of adorable hungry chickies hatching from eggs, and their resourceful mama hen. These books make learning these rhymes in Spanish or English easy with their reversible design. In addition to building language development, these books promote a sense of community and connect kids, especially Hispanic kids, to their past.

Ages: 0 – 4


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Product Description

Buy the Los Pollitos App for Apple iOS

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The Canticos: Los Pollitos App for smartphones and tablet devices is geared towards children 5 and under. A fun and multilingual musical app, it contains a variety of creative play activities fostering child development including sound & music skills, fine motor skills and visual awareness.

Activities include:

  • Hear the nursery rhyme in 8 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and Hindi.
  • Strum on a guitar to watch the Chickies dance to your music.
  • Decorate an egg and watch your very own chickie hatch.
  • Create a whimsical flower arrangement for mama hen.
  • Collect stickers of your creations, and more!

12 reviews for Canticos Little Chickies/Los Pollitos

  1. 5 out of 5


    We grew up with los pollitos song, and now my kids get to enjoy it. Great translation and quality book.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Adorable interactive fun. My toddlers love this book. It’s reversible and bilingual so you can read one language at a time to your child. and it has fun surprises, like a wheel, to make the hen run. Highly recommended.

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    “A thoroughly engaging, ingeniously designed Latino celebration.” —STARRED review, Kirkus

  4. :

    “Belong[s] on every early reader’s bookshelf….Sing your heart out while teaching your little one some Spanish with this adorable, bilingual book!…whether your family speaks more than one language already, or you want your kid to get a jumpstart on their Spanish skills, story time will be fun for both of you.” —Heather Newman,

  5. :

    “Truly worthy and recommended for the shelves of every public and school library….A beautiful accordion-style board book featuring one of the most well-known Spanish songs for children. With every page turn, there are flaps to open and wheels to spin, for a fully immersive, interactive reading experience.” —Luciana Acosta, School Library Journal

  6. :

    “So beautifully designed and such fun.” —Mary Alice Garber, Politics and Prose Bookstore

  7. :

    “I love the Canticos books because they are so beautiful. The production values are much higher than we usually see from a small press. Bi-lingual books are always a challenge to come by, so Encantos seems to have found a gap in the market with LITTLE CHICKIES/LOS POLLITOS and the others coming this year. Plus digital content is always appreciated. I don’t see books like this every day. It’s easy to get excited about them.” —Clare Doornbos from DIESEL, A Bookstore in Larkspur

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    “I love the board book design with flaps as well as the reversible Spanish design. We find that our children that come in love flaps and moveable parts and that also works well when we are doing story time to get children involved with a story…. a great addition to our Story Hour collection.” —Arin Burton, Youth Services, Lima OH Public Library

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    “Too cute! I love the idea of introducing a second language to children, especially at a young age.” —The Review

  10. :

    “A classic Spanish-language nursery rhyme, “Los Pollitos Dicen,” gains an English translation in this delightful accordion-style board book. Jaramillo wisely doesn’t force the English version to hew precisely to the Spanish. The hen searches for corn and wheat for her hungry pollitos in the Spanish version (“La gallina busca/ el maíz y el trigo”), but in the English retelling she “goes and gets them/ corn, from the field.” Numerous flaps and a turn-the-wheel feature add to the fun, and Jaramillo’s sweetly cranky chicks and their loving (and slightly weary) mother should draw smiles in both versions of the story.”
    —STARRED review, Publisher’s Weekly

  11. 5 out of 5


    Super fun book. One side in Spanish, the other in English. My son loved it – it was like a toy and a book all in one.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I want to teach my daughter Spanish as her firs language and signing to her in Spanish will help. Since I don’t know a lot of Spanish nursery rhymes, this book has helped me.

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