Little Chickies Squeal/
Los Pollitos Dicen!

 Canticos los pollitos/Little Chickies app

The Canticos: Los Pollitos App for smartphones and tablet devices is geared towards children 5 and under. A fun and multilingual musical app, it contains a variety of creative play activities fostering child development including sound & music skills, fine motor skills and visual awareness.

Activities include:

  • Hear the nursery rhyme in 8 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and Hindi.
  • Strum on a guitar to watch the Chickies dance to your music.
  • Decorate an egg and watch your very own chickie hatch.
  • Create a whimsical flower arrangement for mama hen.
  • Collect stickers of your creations, and more!

Ages: under 5

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: $2.99

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Where does your food come from?
Farm2Table has the answer
(and it’s not “the supermarket!)

farm2table logo image

In this interactive—and hilarious—adventure, kids explore how food gets to their tables. Based on the award-winning The Cow In Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen, Farm2Table engages kids with animations, videos, and a food/origin matching game. Have the story read to you (or record in your own voices) and join Patrick as he discovers a cow—and so much more—in the kitchen!

Written by farmer and food/agriculture writer Diana Prichard and illustrated by artist and educator Heather Devlin Knopf.

Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin SILVER Digital Award!

Join Us In Giving Back 15% of sales of Farm2Table go to KaBOOM! to support their efforts to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America.

Ages: 4-8

Platform: iOS for iPad

Price: $2.99

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Check out our other award-winning Apps:

Catching Fireflies

Based on the award-winning Fireflies: A Writer’s Notebook for young writers by Coleen Paratore, the Catching Fireflies App is your on-the-go inspiration journal for all things creative!

Fireflies App-4

Freehand drawing lets you capture quick visuals, while bottomless pages give you plenty of space for your thoughts. With writing prompts, stunning visuals, and plenty of helpful tips and tricks, the Catching Fireflies App is an engaging and exciting way to capture and grow those “firefly ideas!”

Ages: 8 and up

Platform: iOS for iPad

Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin GOLD Digital Award and the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award Honoring Excellence in Apps for Children!

Price: $4.99

Buy the Catching Fireflies App for Apple iOS

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

YFEB app
Based on the award-winning Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It by Dr. JoAnn Deak and illustrated by Sarah Ackerley,  the Your Fantastic Elastic Brain App is interactive and entertaining education, introducing children to the anatomy and various functions of the brain in ways that are fun and engaging. Full of exciting brain workouts, the App is sure to become a favorite among children, parents, and educators.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain shows children that they have the ability to stretch and grow their own brains! The App also delivers the crucial message that mistakes are an essential part of learning.

Ages: 4 – 9

Platform: iOS for iPad

Winner of the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award honoring excellence in Apps for children!

Price: $4.99

Buy the Your Fantastic Elastic Brain App for Apple iOS

Being Global

Being Global App logo

Based on the award-winning picture book, What Does It Mean To Be Global?, by Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Chris HillBeing Global is a trilingual app that integrates audio and text in English, French, and Spanish!

Join children from around the world as they play, sing, and travel, trying all types of food and experiencing other traditions. Living respectfully and peacefully with one another, they celebrate diversity, see how their actions affect another person’s experience, and come to understand that being global means being a citizen of the world.

Ages: 4 – 8

Platform: iOS for iPhone and iPad

Winner of five awards: The Mom’s Choice GOLD Award honoring excellence in Apps for children, the Appy Award for Best Multicultural App, PubWest Gold Design Award, Macworld Best of Show, and the Bologna Digital Ragazzi!

Price: $2.99

Buy the Being Global App for Apple iOS


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