A Bird on Water Street


By Elizabeth O. Dulemba


Thirteen-year-old Jack Hicks loves everything about Coppertown—his family and friends, barbecues and Friday music nights, and his best friend’s beautiful sister, Hannah. Everything, that is, except for what keeps the community thriving and drove out nature long ago—mining. Living in a treeless landscape that looks like the moon, he yearns to see bugs and birds and frogs outside of books.

Jack hates the mine where so many of his relatives have died, but how can he tell that to his dad, who wants him to follow in the family trade?

When the miners strike, Jack is thrilled that green and growing things at last have a chance to return to the red hills. But when that same strike threatens to close the mine and force people to leave Coppertown for new homes and jobs, Jack finds himself struggling to hold on to everything he loves most.

Ages: 9-12

Pages: 247

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Winner Of Over A Dozen Awards And Honors

Here are the ones with award seals:
Mom's Choice Gold Award 2014 SIBA Okra Pick Moonbeam Gold Award
2014 Academics' Choice Smart Book Award The Ultimate Southern Lit Reading List: The 2015 SIBA Book Award Long List ForeWord Review Book of the Year Finalist Green Earth Honor Award Georgia Author of the Year awardelit Awards

Great Stories. Core Values.

Emotional Intelligence: Love

Character Development: Courage, Be Grateful, Be Resilient, Be Curious, Be Authentic, Communicate, Community, Respect

STEAM: Be Green, Science

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile: Principled, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Communicator, Risk-Taker

2 reviews for A Bird on Water Street

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    “Hard scrabble living was never so enticing. In A BIRD ON WATER STREET, Dulemba seamlessly melds a coming of age story to the reality of life in a single industry town. A book that makes the leap from one era to another with ease.”
    – Betsy Bird, New York Public Library Youth Materials Specialist, author of Giant Dance Party and the blog Fuse #8

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    A Bird on Water Street written by Elizabeth O. Dulemba, is about a boy named Jack who lives in Coppertown, Tennessee in 1986. Because people in his city mine, acid rain forms, in turn, killing off everything but humans. Jack’s dad is a miner but Jack doesn’t like that because it puts his dad in jeopardy every day, but his family is the second richest in town. Jack is torn between what he wants and what he has. I really like this book because there is more than one story and you learn how mining affects communities. You should really read this book because it is very deep and intriguing.” ~ Isaac Salzman, age 10

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