Little Pickle Press Partners with Kidpower to Release Updated Kidpower Safety Comics


Collaboration Promotes Safety for All Ages


Laura Mancuso

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Safety Comics

(San Francisco, CA—September 1, 2015) Expanding on a theme that started with What Does It Mean To Be Safe?, Little Pickle Press is proud to announce a partnership with Kidpower, an organization that aims to teach people of all ages and abilities how to stay safe.

On September 29th, Little Pickle Press will begin distribution of three Kidpower titles, each of which is designed for a specific age group. These will include: Kidpower Safety Comics: People Safety Skills for Children Ages 3-10; Kidpower Youth Safety Comics: People Safety Skills for Kids Ages 9-14; and Fullpower Safety Comics: People Safety Skills for Teens and Adults.

“Informed by decades of experience, Irene van der Zande’s Kidpower Safety Comics offer children and their grown-ups an accessible and effective means to understand and practice safety and kindness principles,” says Rana DiOrio, Chief Pickle at Little Pickle Press and author of What Does It Mean To Be Safe?

Kidpower, an award-winning nonprofit, launched the first International Child Protection Month in September of 2014. Their stated goal is to develop and offer a wide range of high quality, upbeat, and effective child protection, positive communication, personal safety, self-protection, and confidence-building programs—locally and globally.

“Little Pickle Press is a wonderful partner for Kidpower, sharing our publishing mission to empower children and their grown-ups with entertaining books that address safety issues, including bullying and abuse, in an engaging, respectful, and accessible manner,” says Irene van der Zande, who founded Kidpower in 1989.

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Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International is a global nonprofit leader dedicated to providing effective and empowering child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills for all ages and abilities. To learn more about Kidpower’s workshops, consultation, and other educational resources, please visit