Lawrence Schimel, Translator

Lawrence Schimel

Lawrence Schimel was born in New York City and has lived in Madrid, Spain since January of 1999. He writes in both Spanish and English and has published over 100 books in many different genres–including fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and comics–for both children and adults. His picture book No hay nada como el original (Destino) was selected by the International Youth Library in Munich for the White Ravens 2005 and his picture books ¿Lees un libro conmigo? (Panamericana) and Igual que ellos/Just Like Them (Ediciones del Viento) were selected by IBBY for Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities in 2007 and 2013 respectively. He has also won the Lambda Literary Award (twice), the Independent Publisher Book Award, the Spectrum Award, and other honors.

In addition to his own writing, Lawrence started the Spain chapter of SCBWI and served as Regional Advisor for 5 years, in addition to coordinating the International SCBWI Conference in Madrid in 2003 and the 1st SCBWI Bologna Conference.

Lawrence is also a prolific literary translator from Spanish into English (and sometimes the other way as well, for children’s books and poetry).

While working on the translation of The Treasure of Barracuda, he had fun talking (and reading) like a pirate to get into the right voice of Sparks and the rest of the crew of the Southern Cross. For him, the act of translation is like following a treasure map, where finding the perfect word to say something in the target language feels just like discovering the biggest pirate treasure ever!

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