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In some countries, kids have school all year round. Here in the United States, the big summer vacations built into the school year that started for agricultural reasons are still around, and that time off has a documented side-effect: Many kids slide backwards in abilities during the summer months, and start the school year behind where they left off.

Many of us at Little Pickle Press are parents ourselves, and we’re all about figuring out ways to keep our kids – and yours – from experiencing the summer slide. Our word-guru Audrey shares,

“Around our house, the summer slide is a descent into discontent. Junior, now eight years old, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four. He craves the structure and boundaries of a standard school day; at least once each week now, he stomps around grumbling, “I cannot have school until August!”

To provide that structure (and to help Junior retain what he’s already learned), a therapist comes to the house several times each week. Using the tools of Applied Behavior Analysis, they work on geography, English, Algebra, and piano theory, among other things.”

Like Audrey’s child, every young person can benefit from exploring what they’re passionate about, and fully engaging their minds and bodies. In particular, books and apps that encourage creativity and a growth mindset (where achievement and acknowledgement are effort-based) are great ways to help outsmart the summer slide.

For the month of July, we’re offering a special deal (both books for $25) on a bundle of our two award-winning Brain Books, Dr. JoAnn Deak’s picture book, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, and Dr. Deak’s chapter book, The Owner’s Manual For Driving Your Adolescent Brain.


We’ve also dropped the price on our Brainiest app for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain (with hundreds of fun “brain workout” exercises!) and on our most creative writer’s journal app, Fireflies (with freehand drawing, bottomless pages, prompts, and plenty of helpful tips!)

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We hope these books and apps can help you turn the summer slide into a stairway to success!

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  1. Another children’s picture book that is a must-read this summer for the children in the primary grades is GROWING SMARTER, which is grounded in Dr. Carol Dweck’s brain research about a growth mindset. It’s about a little owl who demonstrates perseverance, effort, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills for the 21st century. Let’s all start off the new school year with a growth mindset!

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