Marc Guberti: Sparking Creativity & Harnessing Inspiration

This month’s guest contributor for Little Pickle Press’ Central Article is a phenomenal young entrepreneur who captures the creative and inspirational all in one package. Marc Guberti is a 16 year old Social Media enthusiast (over 41k Twitter followers), author, blogger and speaker. He blew us away with how he runs his business and how he unlocked his own potential and took down roadblocks. We wanted to share more about him with our readers. Welcome, Marc! 

There are many entrepreneurs in the marketplace competing for attention. Some entrepreneurs are in their 30’s while others are older. There are not many entrepreneurs who are teenagers, but I happen to be one of them.

I created my first blog in 2011. I enjoyed writing blog posts right from the start, but in 2012, I realized that blogging could result in a strong income. I was only 14 years old when I saw the opportunity that blogging presented. However, my mind was already set on the goal. Instead of thinking of waiting to become 18 years old to start a business, I thought, “Why not now?”

It was at that moment when I learned there is no one is stopping us from accomplishing our goals except ourselves. In order to accomplish our goals, we need to be faithful in our ability to accomplish those goals. Learning this lesson has allowed me to accomplish many of the goals that I have set for myself.

Immediately when I created my first blog, I started to use Twitter. I eventually used other social networks as well, but Twitter is the social network that most people know me from. Using social media resulted in my learning a lot about social media. I compiled all of this knowledge into multiple books and a blog that gets updated twice a day.

As my business started to grow, I began giving myself a vision. Some of the things in my vision are being a bestselling author in 2014, have over 200,000 followers by the end of the year, and create multiple training courses.

If I decided to start when I became 18 years old, I still wouldn’t have started. I would have to wait 2 years before I could start. After planning gets done, it is more important to take action than it is to wait. There is something special about being bold that allows people to stand out.

As a teenage entrepreneur, I will continue to learn more information about my niche and reach more milestones. There are many people who are not sure of their ability to become successful. We all have great potential, but not all of us are using that potential properly. In order to unlock your potential, simply ask yourself, “Why not me?”

We all have the power to accomplish anything we put our minds to. I put my mind towards becoming a teenage entrepreneur. By putting your mind to your goals, you will be able to accomplish them. The goals that once looked impossible will be a lot easier to accomplish than ever before.


Marc Guberti authors a blog, Social Media, Blogging, and Business Tip, and wrote the book How to Be Successful on TwitterOn his blog, his bio includes the following:

I am constantly experimenting with different ideas that can help my business grow while sticking with what already works. I am working on training courses, membership sites, books, and more. When I think about something, I write it down in my notebook. When one of my ideas pops out from the rest, I don’t hesitate. I start working on that idea right away. I may not be a New York Times bestselling author just yet, but I plan to be able to put that down on my college application.

5 thoughts on “Marc Guberti: Sparking Creativity & Harnessing Inspiration

  1. Love this, Marc => “[T]here is no one stopping us from accomplishing our goals except ourselves.” and “We all have the power to accomplish anything we put our minds to.”

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Please let me know if there is anything that Little Pickle Press can do to help your meteoric ascent to greatness!

  2. Marc wrote: “It was at that moment when I learned there is no one is stopping us from accomplishing our goals except ourselves.”
    Yes! Just the reminder I needed today. Thanks so much Marc, you’re an inspiration!

  3. “Why not me?” This should be a T-shirt; it’s something that everybody needs to remember. Thank you for sharing your insights, Marc.

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