Little Pickle Press March(es) 4th!

Why Little Pickle Press changed its name to March 4th

You may have noticed we recently changed our corporate name from Little Pickle Press, Inc. to March 4th, Inc., and here’s why.

Why change the name?

Earlier this year I wrote an article for The Independent titled, “It’s the Why that Matters.” The “Why” of Little Pickle Press has been “to create media that fosters kindness in young people and to do so in a manner congruent with that mission.” Just like the audience for whom we create stories, we’ve experienced growth and change since launching in 2009. This has led us to broaden our purpose to better reflect that maturity and to adopt the name March 4th in support of that change. As March 4th, we remain steadfast to our original “Why,” yet we now aim to magnify its impact by “inspiring character development in young people.”

We further determined that our expanded “Why” would best be met through changes in our corporate structure. The “Little Pickle” brand will continue as one of three marketing age-appropriate stories and related products to consumers—Little Pickle Stories (ages 0-10), Big Dill Stories (ages 11-14), and Relish Stories (ages 15+). We will also establish two wholly owned subsidiaries—March 4th Properties, our intellectual property (IP) holding company, and March 4th Productions, an operating company tasked with leveraging that IP beyond publishing (e.g., videos, feature films, merchandise, audio, and apps).

Why March 4th?

“March 4th” is the only date in the year that, when spoken, is also a declarative sentence (try it: “March forth!”), and not just any sentence, but one that connotes forward momentum and strong character traits such as decisiveness and courage. The fact that March 4th acts as both a homophone and double entendre is a fitting homage to our literary roots.

Why should you care?

The recent US election only deepened our belief that if society is to flourish (well, survive), it must imbue character traits such as kindnesshonestybravery, and patience in young people, both by example and through education. The challenge is that people, especially children, learn best when they are unaware they’re learning—that’s where March 4th comes in. We view this challenge as an opportunity to shape our future by providing young people and their caring adults an ever-increasing selection of stories and products that engage and entertain young minds while relaying the value of character and inspiring its development.

Kind regards,
Rana DiOrio
Founder and CEO, March 4th, Inc.


8 thoughts on “Little Pickle Press March(es) 4th!

  1. Dear Rana,
    Great choice of name and great news. So glad your company is growing and also staying true to your original mission.
    Sending you hugs and best wishes as you march forth!

  2. Hi Rana,
    Love the new company name and its meaning. Wish you continued success with your expanding brands that all work to inspire and educate children of all ages.

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