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LA84 Foundation: An Olympic-Level Sports Library

When you qualify as an Olympic athlete, you count yourself among the best. It stands to reason, then, that the LA84 Foundation, a legacy of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, operates one of the top sports research libraries in the world. The Foundation’s stated mission is “to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport and its impact on people’s lives.” To that end, the Foundation operates an enormous sports library and digital collection.

Offering access to more than two hundred thousand print volumes, photos, and digital items, the Sports Library provides information on nearly everything to do with professional and amateur sports and events. Though much of the material available relates to the Olympics, there is an extensive collection of periodicals and PDFs dealing with all levels of physical activity.

Thanks to efforts by the LA84 Foundation, more than three million boys and girls in Southern California have benefitted from increased sports programming, grants, coaching education, and other sports-related outreach programs. The Foundation examines the role—and impact—of sports in society. The information found in their sports library helps to further that research, and will hopefully inspire similar studies and collections around the world.

Whether you’re seeking the secret to coaching success or you just want to know who won the gold medal for Men’s 400m Freestyle Swimming in 1932, the LA84 Foundation and its amazing Sports Library will help you find the answers.

Do you have a future Olympian in your family? How have sports and physical activities made an impact in your life? Share your stories in the comment section!

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