Featured Young Writer of the Month: Why Do Kids Care About our Planet?

Each month at Little Pickle Press, we invite young writers to share a part of their world with us. As we celebrate and love our planet this April, we’ve invited an 8th grade student to share with us about why kids should care about our planet. Please help welcome young writer Sarah Marjorie as she shares this passion with our readers. 

By Sarah Marjorie

Why do kids care about our planet? We care because it’s our future. The planet Earth is our home. It supplies us with the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the nutrients that are necessary for us to survive. At my school, which is a three-year middle school, we spend each year focused on one part of the Earth. In sixth grade, we studied the global water crisis and raised money to build a well. In seventh grade, we studied land and how it is changing. This year, in eighth grade, we studied the air and atmosphere around us. Just yesterday, I finished my final project, an iBook about global warming. Every student that attends this school comes to care about the Earth in his/her own way.

Adolescents care about our world because we want to change it. Everyone dreams of it, from toddlers to teens. We want to make a difference for the better. Whether our impact is on one person’s world or an entire nation, kids care about the Earth because it is our home and we hold the power amend, modify, and redesign it the way we want. We need to live here and future generations do, too, but we’re responsible for taking care of it to live naturally and in harmony with nature.


With all the talk of global warming and climate change, kids feel like the Earth is theirs to take care of, and it is. We are the Earth’s future, and if we don’t take care of it, everything we know and love could possibly be effected. Due to the fact that kids care about the planet, we have the power to change it and use our knowledge and technology to keep it safe. We know this and that’s why we care about the Earth.


Earth Day isn’t the only day when the world can and should celebrate the planet we all share. We believe that Earth Day Every Day should be a way of life. With 5 days of fun and educational activities designed for grades K-2, this booklet will assist you in helping your students understand the cycles of life and how we must all be protectors of the Earth, water, and sky . . . because we are all connected. And if we take care of our environment, we can all live healthier, happier lives. 

  • Monday: Water
  • Tuesday: Fire
  • Wednesday: Earth
  • Thursday: Air
  • Friday: Spirit of Life

Don’t forget to download our Earth Day booklet to use with your children!

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  1. Sarah, we’d love to read your iBook on climate change. Can you please share the link with us? Thank you for being such an inspirational and exemplary environmental steward.

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