Help Syrians in Need + Show Children What It Means To Be Global

We are all part of one global community, and what we do has a profound impact on the lives of others. Little Pickle Press is committed to making a positive impact on those most affected by the Syrian crisis.

From now until March 1, 2016, we’ll donate 15% of any purchase of What Does It Mean To Be Global? to Hand in Hand for Syria, the first humanitarian organization to bring emergency aid into Syria when the conflict commenced in 2011. They remain a crucial source of medical aid, food, educational materials, and safe water for the Syrians in most desperate need.



what does it mean to be global

Please consider purchasing What Does It Mean To Be Global? in English,




or Spanish.

Join us in making a difference and showing the young people in our lives what it means to be global. Here’s more about the book:

What Does It Mean To Be Global?

Written by Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Chris Hill

Can you say “hello” in nine languages? You can! Join children from around the world as they play, sing, and travel, trying all types of food and experiencing other traditions. Living respectfully and peacefully with one another, they celebrate diversity, see how their actions affect another person’s experience, and come to understand that being global means being a citizen of the world.

The first book in Rana DiOrio’s award-winning What Does It Mean To Be …?® series, What Does It Mean To Be Global? has won six awards: The USA Book News Best Books Award for Children’s Picture Book: Nonfiction; the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Multicultural Nonfiction; the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Children’s Picture Book, Peoples, Places and Cultures; Learning Solutions Magazine Teachers’ Choice™ Award for Children’s Books; IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Winner for Interior Design in Children’s/Young Adult; and The Nautilus Silver Award for Children’s Illustrated.

And an easy link to Buy What Does It Mean To Be Global? + Help Syrians in need

From all of us at Little Pickle Press,

Thank you for helping make our motto come true: “Media For A Better World!”

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