Happy Book Birthday to The Treasure of Barracuda!

Written by Llanos Campos and Illustrated by Júlia Sardà, Translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel.

Today we celebrate the English publication of The Treasure of Barracuda, now available wherever books are sold, including right here on our website. To celebrate this treasure, we’ll be extending pre-order pricing and continue offering 25% off for the rest of the month of October!

A birthday wish from the translator, Lawrence Schimel:

“For me, translating a novel is like following a treasure map… sometimes in the beginning there are a few red herrings or false starts, but when you do find the voice of the character(s), especially a voice as fun and endearing as Sparks’ is, that feels like finding a treasure chest indeed!
So I’m excited now to share this treasure I’ve found and “dug up” with all of you, the readers in English, and hope you enjoy these adventures of Barracuda’s crew.”


Sparks is an 11-year-old deck hand on the Southern Cross, a ship full of illiterate pirates led by Captain Barracuda. When Sparks and the crew dig up a treasure chest left by the infamous pirate Phineas Johnson Krane, they discover it’s empty – except for a book! Now, they must learn to read in order to decipher its contents and find Krane’s real hidden treasure.An adventure packed with pirates, outlaws, danger, a diphthong or two, and, in the words of its narrator, no second chances.
For pirates ages 9-12.


Happy Birthday to The Treasure of Barracuda!


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