Happy Birthday to Lew!

What’s better than a birthday? A double birthday!

Join the friends and family of Team Pickle as we celebrate the launch of our new YA imprint, Relish Media, with the publication of Craig Lew‘s powerful and engrossing new novel, Breath to Breath.

Happy book birthday, Mr. Lew! And many more …


Little Pickle Press is growing with readers! Have your young readers grown with us? Share a  favorite “book birthday” memory of your own in the comments. Do you remember when a beloved book was published?  Do you look forward to getting books for special occasions? Tell us your story, and don’t forget to leave a special message for Craig Lew in the comments!

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Lew!

  1. Craig! So excited this day has arrived for you and for us. Looking forward to helping spread the word about your incredible novel (and looking forward to reading the next two, too!!!).

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