Guest Post by Nancy Stampahar: It’s No Big Dill

“It’s No Big Dill: How to Simplify Your Life with Homemade Pickles” was written by Nancy Stampahar and is reprinted here with permission. Help us welcome her, Little Pickle Press fans!


Some things in life and at work are just no BIG Dill!  Letting go of having to be right or perfect and learning to pick and choose your battles, will reduce your stress level. Realizing what is in your control and not in your control will help you let go of things you cannot change.  When you prioritize your tasks and set boundaries more effectively, you will feel empowered and have greater control of your life. Whenever you find yourself in a pickle, you need to pause, think things through and make wise choices that will ensure you achieve positive results.

An action plan will keep you organized and moving forward in positive directions. If you want to sustain your performance, achieve your goals and maintain your self-respect, setting priorities and boundaries are critical.

How to Set Priorities

The most critical first step is to not accept requests as the status quo; you must question situations and seek alternative approaches.

Ask probing questions like:

“What is the purpose of this activity?”

“What are the desired outcomes?”

“What is the timeline?”

“Who needs to be involved in this activity?”

“What activity has the highest priority?”

 How to Set Boundaries 

The most critical first step is to let go of your self-induced people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies.

Say statements like:

“I see why this is important to you.  I am unable to help this time.  Let’s try to figure out some other possible solutions that could work.”

“This is what is on my plate right now.  Which one of these priorities would you prefer I remove to accommodate your request?”

“I’d love to join you but my schedule is already full that week.  Please keep me in mind the next time. Have fun.”

Life and work are so hectic and hurried these days.  Always remember that you have choices on how you respond to your circumstances.  You need to let some things go before you can move forward.  It’s never too late to take care of you!

To you simplifying your life,


This article originally appeared on Nancy’s site, Life in Nancy’s Kitchen. It is reprinted here with permission.

About Nancy

Nancy Stampahar’s engaging enthusiasm, professional background and triumphant life experiences give her the ability to be one of the best women motivational speakers and workshop facilitators to engage and inspire any audience seeking an authentic, dynamic event. Nancy has over 15 years’ experience in public speaking, training and organizational development, as well as triumphant lemons to lemonade personal stories to share with audiences in need of some inspiration and a good ole kick in the pants. She is the award-winning author of the personal growth book, peace, love and lemonade: a recipe to make your life sweeter and the creator of the first empowerment-cooking show concept and educational program, Life in Nancy’s Kitchen – Dishin’ It with Zest! that grabbed the attention of The Rachael Ray Show, which aired Nancy’s viewer tip video, The Perfect Gift for a Coffee Lover. Nancy’s later-in-life passion for the camera came from Oprah’s OWN channel airing the What Do You Think of OWN video she created in her kitchen. She’s on a roll and having a blast.

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  1. I am currently having trouble with both of these things- prioritizing and setting boundaries! Thank you so much for this insightful article, it is full of good advice that should help be get it done!

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