Every Turtle Counts

First Friday Book Review:

Every Turtle Counts

Mimi is like many little girls; she loves to run and play, has deep-seated interests, and sometimes makes choices that confuse the grownups in her life.

She also happens to have Autism.

In Sara Hoaglund Hunter’s Every Turtle Counts, when Mimi discovers a nearly-frozen sea turtle on the beach near her home, no one can understand her immediate devotion to her new friend. No one, that is, except Mr. Prescott from the Audubon Society. His explanation that Mimi has discovered one of the rarest creatures on earth sets off a chain of events that opens up Mimi’s world and the eyes of those around her.

As the mother of an amazing little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism, I can relate to this story. I’ve heard the exasperated comments, I’ve watched my son’s accomplishments with pride, and I’ve rejoiced with each new discovery that he’s made. Every Turtle Counts is a beautiful little time capsule, gathering snapshots of life in a spectrum family and using them to tell a story brimming with sweetness and wonder. The lively and lifelike illustrations by Susan Spellman bring the reader directly into Mimi’s world.

As perfectly suited for Earth Day as it is for Autism Awareness Month, the message in this wonderful children’s book is twofold: every turtle counts, and so does every person.

4 thoughts on “First Friday Book Review:

  1. I agree with Khadijah- This book is a great choice for April! Sara Hoagland Hunter manages to tackle two important and often difficult topics: environmental stewardship and autism awareness while rolling them into an engaging story readers of all ages can delight in. Great pick Audrey!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this book Audrey! It look every sweet and educational book. I will have to check it out!

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