First Friday Book Review: The Smallest Gift of Christmas

By Audrey Lintner

A small gift with a big message!
Age Range: 3-7 years

Grade Level:Preschool-2

Hardcover: 40 pages

Publisher:Candlewick (September 24, 2013)

Language: English



Bigger is not always better, and this lesson is brought home to young Roland in a gentle and heartwarming way.

As the mom of an enthusiastic reader, I’m always on the lookout for fun and engaging books that just happen to sneak in a life lesson or two. The Smallest Gift of Christmasby Peter H. Reynolds fits the bill perfectly. Getting my five-year-old interested was a snap, once I got him corralled.

The story centers on Roland, a little boy who greets his Christmas gift with a yelp of scorn for its small size. He sets off in search of a really BIG gift, only to discover that the tiniest present is more than enough to fill his heart a thousand times over.

The illustrations are simple, yet delightfully evocative. The language and flow of the story are wonderfully suited to reading aloud, especially when reader and audience are curled up in a big, cozy chair. My little boy (who has added this book to his daily story rotation) delights in reading various passages to me, especially when they include exclamation points and all capital letters. If ever this becomes an audiobook, I know where to find the voice of Roland.
The Smallest Gift of Christmas is a book that any young child (and more than a few parents) will enjoy. Having been on both the reading and the listening end many times over the last couple of weeks, I can say with authority that The Smallest Gift is a very big hit.

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  1. Want to get into the true spirit of Christmas? Read this book with your little ones. Another classic by our dear friend, Peter H. Reynolds. I bought a copy for my 5 year old. Thanks so much for the post, Audrey.

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