First Friday Book Review: BIG

By Dana Bridges

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It’s always exciting to share LPP books with the special people in my life, so you can imagine how tickled I was when my friend Dana, a first grade teacher, agreed to read and review Coleen Paratore’s BIG. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.  Audrey Lintner

My favorite childhood pastimes consisted of flying around the yard in a floral towel cape, playing dump trucks in the sandbox, and teaching my fluffy friends within the four blue walls of my farmhouse bedroom. I outgrew my cape and eventually traded it for a classroom. My super powers have helped me hone my skills of teaching children ages 0-10 for the past 18 years. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters ages twelve and fourteen. I am recharged with hugs, kisses, and a great find for my classroom. BIG has recharged me.

BIG offers a valuable lesson on every page, and each lesson is woven together seamlessly in this precious children’s book. Being BIG is not measured by how tall we are, how old we are, or by how many toys we have. Being BIG is all about being the biggest, best you that you can be as a member of a family, school, neighborhood, and the world. The lessons on global citizenship, being green, and having thankfulness for each precious day mirror the values I constantly try to instill in my students as a teacher and at home as a mom. You will, without a doubt, know you are BIG when you have that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. The charming use of everyday materials that children can relate to echoes the lesson of being green and creates a visual texture that compels you to reach out and touch the illustrations. 

The audience of my first reading consisted of my daughters and two young friends, ages seven and nine. Their insights are priceless:

“You can learn how to act BIG without being a grownup.” – “Giggles,” age 7

“I like knowing that I am being BIG by taking care of the world.” – “Smiley,” age 9

“This book inspires children to go out and help the world in their own way.” – “Sparky,” age 12

“It’s full of lessons that help kids learn they can make a difference even though they are young.” – “Cutie,” age 14

Every superhero parent and educator must arm themselves and their children with these valuable lessons. Being BIG is for both the young and old, as we all strive to be our very own personal best. 

– Dana Bridges, 1st Grade Teacher

2 thoughts on “First Friday Book Review: BIG

  1. When I asked my children which LPP book they liked best, my fourteen year old said, without a bit of hesitation, “BIG!” It isn’t often you find a book that can present such an important message in a way that is truly accessible to children, and that they enjoy reading again and again. BIG is one of those books!

  2. A big thank you for this Great book review which reminds us to present and give BIG to others young and old especially at the start of the New Year 2014. 🙂

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