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First Friday Book Review: BIG

April showers bring May flowers, but in the world of education, it’s our graduates who are really about to blossom. As kids of all ages wait impatiently for the last day of school, we’d like to remind you that (ahem) books make an excellent graduation gift. May we suggest Coleen Paratore’s award-winning picture book, BIG?

Filled with Clare Fennell’s lavish collage-style illustrations, this book and its enthusiastic reminders that size is more than a matter of height is perfect for Kindergarteners and the college-bound alike.

But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Story Circle Book Reviews: “BIG promotes emotional and social growth: doing things for others, caring for others, and enriching the lives of others. These are indeed BIG concepts that are well defined in the book, giving good understanding to the very young.” Read full review here.

Cool Mom Picks: “Another standout is BIG, with fabulous collage illustrations by Clare Fennell and a nice story by author Colleen Paratore. It would be an excellent big sibling gift as you can imagine—or even a little sibling book, really. The idea is that ‘big’ isn’t
measured in how tall you are, but how bright, healthy, and imaginative you are—‘being the biggest YOU you can be.’” Read full review here.

Deb Snyder, Ph.D.: “I am often asked for titles that instill positive, holistic principles for children. I encourage any parent to get this book and learn with their children how to be BIG.” Read full review here.

May is a big month; celebrate it with a BIG book!

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  1. This is my 15 year old daughter Juwairiyah’s favorite LPP book! She often chooses it to read to the little ones. I think they find new things every time they go through it.

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