Featured Library of the Month: Yuma County

The Yuma County Library in downtown Yuma, Arizona is a library with a plethora of programs, activities, and hustle and bustle. Don’t get me wrong. That is a high compliment from me for a library. Hustle and bustle is the order of the day for a good library and Yuma fits that criteria. I enjoy a community place that involves all members and offers enough activities that keep people involved in the art and joy of reading. Yuma is a busy library with 8 locations such as Foothills, San Luis, and the Somerton locations.

Among other features, their online site features links to GoodReads for their Book Letters project, a Resources of the Month tab (this month they’re featuring indiflix where you can watch 1,000s of independent movies) and a Health Insurance Marketplace to help customers and community members navigate the often difficult insurance questions.

Each month the Yuma County Library conducts a  Virtual Book Club. For the month of march, they’re reading A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash. The link to the Virtual Book Club is at the top of Yuma County Library’s Facebook page, found here, where they offer reviews and interviews about the featured authors. One of the things I enjoy about their interactive library services is that they’re so active in social media but also leave room for the more traditional library customers by offering copies of the book at the Main Library first floor Information Services desk.

Their online site map is easily navigable and helpful in that they showcase each of their branches. We especially love the Yuma County Libraries because they have specific activities each month for kids and teens. Take a look at their Greenlight Film Festival schedule. It’s heartening that libraries like this continue to offer programs and ways to get their community members involved. For instance, check out their extensive audio and e-book collections that can be accessed online with a library account.

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If you are ever in the area, drop in and see for yourself how the Yuma County Library is leading the charge for all community libraries! Be sure to check out their Facebook page, too.

Featured image screenshot credit to the Yuma Library Facebook page.

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  1. I love the idea of the virtual book club! I think it’s pretty neat how the library is adapting to the needs of the community and the oncoming digital age.

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