Featured Customer of the Month: Burry Bookstore

By Khadijah Lacina

Photo courtesy of Burry Bookstore
Hartsville, South Carolina, bills itself as “A small town with a big heart.” Our customer of the month, Burry Bookstore, is an important part of what keeps that heart beating strong.

Burry Bookstore was established by Charles E. Burry, Sr. in August, 1972. Emily Burry Phillips took over the family business in 1994 and has continued the tradition of excellence that was built during those early years. It touts itself as “… a high-quality, full-line, family-type bookstore” that is well-known for offering their customers outstanding service. They make a point of making a difference in their community, demonstrating what a vital resource an independent bookstore can be.

One of the unique programs that Burry Bookstore has established is their Super Shopper Club, which offers members various discounts on all of their merchandise. In a time when most people are tightening their budgets, these generous discounts encourage them to buy from a local, family-owned business, thus keeping the money in the community rather than in the pockets of the big box stores. They also offer readings by local authors and sponsor events designed to create a welcome space for the people of Hartsville and beyond to gather and spend some time together. Keeping up with the technological age we live in, they sell Kobo ebooks and readers for those who enjoy reading their books digitally.

Burry Bookstore demonstrates how an indie bookstore can truly become the heart of a community. Perhaps their t-shirts say it best: “We are not a chain. We are a link on our community.”
The next time you’re in Hartsville, stop in and spend some time with the folks at Burry Bookstore!

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