Featured Customer of the Month: JennyBec’s

JennyBec’s, in Brentwood, California, calls itself “A Store for Children.” After seeing all that they have to offer, I would say that it is “A Store for Children of ALL Ages!”

Named for the store’s owner, Jenny Rebecca Mullennix, JennyBec’s opened its doors in October, 2004. Jenny, inspired by her love for children and the desire to bring fun to daily life, has since built one of the best toy stores and family furnishings boutiques in the world. The store offers such diverse items as books, toys, games, furniture, wall art, and fine linens, and purchases items from all over the world. JennyBec herself is passionate about helping her customers find just the right gifts for the children in their lives, and she and her employees pride themselves on being able to provide practically any gift, toy, or furnishing a customer could want.

This enchanting store offers a wide variety of services to their customers, including complimentary gift wrapping, gift baskets, a personal shopper program, consultations and custom furnishings, and a chance to book your own shopping night. They do everything they can to make your shopping experience stress-free, fun, and successful!

JennyBec’s is not just a wonderful place to shop. Jenny strives to make the store a community resource as well. They regularly contribute merchandise to the Children’s Hospital and the Westside Children’s Center. Making a difference in the lives of children is one of the reasons Jenny created JennyBec’s, and she does her best to give back to the community in which her store has found a home.

3 thoughts on “Featured Customer of the Month: JennyBec’s

  1. Did you see the adorable Lemonade Stand??? I love it. This is a store I’d get lost in. So many of my teacher friends do craft stuff that I’m afraid to show this to them. They’d never return to school!

  2. I know, Kelly, right? I can see spending an afternoon in there! I love that they give back to the community as well, that is so cool, and is a good example of how stores like this are an integral part of the community, and worth supporting with our spending money.,

  3. I just love walking in there and finding amazing books and toys. But the best book there of course is What Does It Mean To Be Present?!

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