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Diane's Books of Greenwich: A Guardian Angel in Disguise

Diane Garrett, owner of Diane’s Books of Greenwich, once said in an interview, “We’re a family bookstore, like a neighborhood candy store when I was a kid.” Her bookstore has become an integral part of her community of Greenwich, Connecticut, providing not only thousands of carefully chosen print books, but ebooks and apps as well, putting it on the cutting edge of bookselling trends. Read on to learn more about our Featured Customer of the Month!


Diane’s commitment to community is best seen in the store’s Angel Tree program. Every holiday season she puts a tree up in the store covered with paper angels. Each angel has the name of a poor or disadvantaged child- in Garrett’s neighborhood alone there are 375 Title 1 children living at poverty level or below. Donors take an angel and replace it with a star, promising to buy a hardcover book for the child whose name is on the angel. Monetary donations are also welcome, so that Diane can purchase books for the program herself. Donors can also choose to be “prison angels” and give to Diane’s program to provide books to children whose mothers are inmates at a local prison. Another way they can give is to her Ready Set Read program, which provides Title 1 kids with an anthology of that name to get them started firmly on the road to reading.

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If you are looking for a special gift, it is worth checking out Diane’s gift wagons. They come in two sizes, and are sweet little red wagons you can fill with books for the little reader in your life. Diane’s also offers gift certificates, and promises the same special, one-on-one care when you order through their website as you can expect when you enter their store.

Diane’s Books offers their customers the best of both worlds- they can stop by and get something special for themselves, while being able, at the same time, to give back by giving to a child in need.

We think that Diane Garrett has certainly earned the title of guardian angel!

by Khadijah Lacina

3 thoughts on “Featured Customer of the Month:

  1. I think Diane’s is the perfect example of the place an independent bookstore can have in a community! I absolutely love the little red wagons of books, as well, how cute is that?

  2. I really like the idea of the Angel Tree! A bookstore that I used to frequent had regular programs that allowed folks to buy books for kids in various programs; it’s something I’d like to see happen more often. Thanks for sharing!

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