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STAR Education

April’s Featured Customer of the Month, STAR Education, has so much going on that it is hard to focus on just one aspect of their wonderful, community-based offerings. STAR Education is a charitable non-profit serving students, families, schools, and the community. They have provided interactive educational programming for students since 1986, servicing over 60 districts throughout the state of California.

They offer classes in Art and Humanities, Critical Thinking, Technology, and Science to identified gifted students and those students who wish to rise to the challenge of a college-level curriculum. Their classes include a continually evolving selection of disciplines that have been developed in collaboration with principals, teachers, district coordinators, parents, and students. In each of their project-based programs they incorporate California State Standards and provide materials, handouts, and lesson plans that extend the learning into the classroom, thereby enhancing school day learning.

STAR Education not only hosts educational events at their facilities, they travel to conferences and hold workshops throughout California and run supplemental school day programs and camps for children. STAR doesn’t stop there, though. Their program reaches out not only to children but to the people who are responsible for teaching them, focusing on professional development programs for classroom instructors teaching Kindergarten through eighth grade. Teachers and administrators can select topics from an extensive catalogue of workshops and customize a day of experiential, brain-blitzing activities that will challenge the unique needs and talents of their students.

STAR Education has a lot of new programs in the works as well. They are planning on opening a preschool in September. They were recipients of a grant from the Braitmayer Foundation to create a curriculum for classroom teachers to teach children about their brain, and they continue to work in schools with our hands-on curriculum, with teachers, students, and parents in the greater LA area and beyond.

STAR Education truly lives up to its motto of “Passion Based Education!”

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  1. I want these programs to be EVERYWHERE. This is a major template for school districts and communities, especially those who are in such need of preschool programming since they’re starting with that this fall.

    Not only that, but the fact that they have programs with critical thinking is really interesting me as a mom and educator.

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