Featured B Corp of the Month: Back to the Roots

By Audrey Lintner

Logo courtesy of BTTR
We’re celebrating growth here at LPP this month, and our Featured B Corp is a great reflection of that theme. Back to the Roots makes the locavore movement truly local by bringing home garden kits right to your mailbox.

More than just packets of seeds, Back to the Roots kits are innovative products that emphasize recycling and organic produce. Have you ever tried growing your own mushrooms? How about using a fish tank to grow herbs? With just a few clicks and a little effort, you can do both!

Founded by college friends Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez, Back to the Roots was inspired by a desire to turn waste materials into fresh food. “Our mission is to make food personal again through the passionate development of tools that educate and inspire, one family at a time.”

When you support B Corp businesses like Back to the Roots, you can “B” the change you want to see in the world. Which direction will your growth take?

3 thoughts on “Featured B Corp of the Month: Back to the Roots

  1. I think we are going to have to check Back to the Roots out, it sounds like their mission and products are right up our alley! We love gardening organically, and recycling, and we are always up for trying new things. Thank you Audrey, for this!

  2. This is one I will definitely have to check out, too, like Khadijah! What if I got my teachers to do this and we started a garden? We have talked about that for a long time but always get stuck on the how of it. (Little space to plant things here.) But delivery to your door?? Genius. Pure genius. Why not? Everything else is delivered.

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