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Featured B Corp of the Month: Highland Craftsmen

Construction can be hard on the environment. Bulldozers come in and tear things up, pipes and concrete elbow each other for space, and the skyline is never quite the same. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a building material that works with nature, rather than against it? Our Featured B Corp of the Month is Highland Craftsmen, and they do just that.

The folks at Highland Craftsmen have figured out how to turn junk into jewelry. Taking the leftover bits from the logging industry, they produce Bark House® Shingles, a thoroughly natural home siding product.

Shaped by hand and created without chemicals, these shingles are touted as maintenance-free and can last up to eighty years. Since they require no staining or sealing, Bark House® shingles are an eco-friendly option that won’t harm the environment when they finally have to be discarded.

Since Highland Craftsmen is a B Corp, you know that they make environmental stewardship a priority. Aside from elbow grease, very little in the way of additional resources is used in production. They also conduct regular third-party environmental audits, and promote and utilize local suppliers. With such a fine track record, is it any wonder we’ve chosen Highland Craftsmen as our Featured B Corp of the Month?

All-natural, Art Deco, eclectic? What’s your choice for home décor?

One thought on “Featured B Corp of the Month: Highland Craftsmen

  1. Very, very cool. I love how B Corps like this one are clearing the way for the broader changes that we truly hope will come.

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