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A Bird on Water Street: Awards and Reviews

In case you’re wondering about our latest title, A Bird on Water Street by Elizabeth O. Dulemba, we’ve created a handy guide of awards and reviews right here all in one place. We just have SO much to celebrate with this title. To begin with, A Bird on Water Street has been honored as an Okra Pick from the Southern Independent Bookseller’s Association, it was submitted to the Library of Congress as one of the choices as a highlighted book at the 2014 National Book Festival in Georgia,  and it has also been named a GOLD Mom’s Choice Award in the Juvenile Books category.

A Bird to sing about!

ForeWord Book Reviews wrote a perfect short synopsis about it: “A one-company town falters, and amid the human drama, nature begins to reclaim what had been lost.”

Also the author and illustrator of numerous children’s books, Dulemba ably captures the scarred community in grief and celebration. The languid, episodic plot includes a mining accident, mass layoffs, a bluegrass gathering, holidays, weather events, a funeral, and other moments that underscore the close-knit nature of a place dominated by one employer. Tensions between employees and management are briefly touched on, as well.

A Bird On Water Street eBook

Anne Broyles wrote a review of the book and shared it on Amazon which we have shared here as well.

Jack loves his home. Why would anyone want to live anywhere other than Coppertown, a safe, warm place where he is surrounded by family and friends? Sure, there’s illness that some people blame on the mine’s dumping of chemicals, fear of mining accidents, and no one has seen a bird for years, but it’s home. A Bird on Water Street explores the changes Jack and Coppertown undergo when the miners strike after an accident and big layoff.


 Author Elizabeth O. Dulemba


Lynn Cullen, the Bestselling Author of Mrs. Poe, had this to say:

“As big-hearted and joyful as it is sobering, this book should be required reading for students studying the impact of man upon the environment and how nature can make a comeback when given a chance. I will never take a sparrow—or bugs—for granted again.”

You can also download a FREE Discussion Points Guide (designed for parents and educators) who would like to use it to accompany A Bird on Water Street. The Discussion Point Guide was written by our very own Lesson Plan Developer, Meredith Moran.

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