Better than You

Better than You:

First Friday Book Review

We’ve all had that one “friend.” You know who. The one who does (or seems to do) everything better and faster, no matter how hard we try.

And then they rub our noses in it.

Tyler knows all about friends like that; his neighbor, Jake, is better at pretty much everything, and never misses and opportunity to remind Tyler.

Tyler learns to do a layup? Jake immediately shows him a cooler shot. Tyler struggles with a math test? Jake boasts about his higher score. When even simple activities are turned into competitions, Tyler loses the urge to try.

Until …

Better than You, written by Trudy Ludwig and illustrated by Adam Gustavson, is achingly familiar to anyone who has ever been in Tyler’s shoes. The story (with its surprising, thoughtful conclusion) is told in simple, honest language, with a lesson easily absorbed by readers of all ages. The artwork is beautiful and expressive, lending even more depth to the characters and situations.

As Little Pickle Press explores the subject of good sportsmanship, the lessons and themes from Better than You will surface often. Were you a Tyler in school, or a Jake? We invite you to share your own stories with us.

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