Featured B Corp of the Month: Kammok

A revolutionary brand bringing technically innovative outdoor products designed to equip and inspire you for Life Changing Adventure™.

Summer is coming to San Francisco in full force and we have zero complaints. Beautiful, warm weather means fun in the sun! What better way to celebrate Mother Nature than to spend some quality time enjoying the great outdoors? Our fellow B Corp, Kammok, produces sustainable and responsible outdoor gear and equipment perfect for life changing adventure. Their sleek line of quality products includes hammocks, insect nets, upcycled totes, and fun apparel. Their new comfy hammock quilts, the FireBelly and the Koala, are available now for pre-order!

The design of the Roo hammock was inspired by the unique qualities of the Kangaroo. The Austin-based company developed LunarWave, a diamond ripstop fabric, to enable the Roo to be incredibly lightweight, tear resistant, breathable, and roomy enough for two, so bring a friend!

In addition to their unique products, Kammok donates and invests at least 1% of their total revenue to environmental and sustainable initiatives around the world. They recently partnered with CTC Internationals to help bring holistic development to communities in Kenya.


Embrace #TheRooLife.

Visit them at Kammok.com, on Facebook, and check out their gorgeous Instagram at @Kammok.

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