All Grown Up with Jessica’s Daily Affirmations

I’m a sucker for a life affirming quote because they help me in times when things get so low that I’m not sure if anything good will ever come. Affirmations are all over my home whether in plaque form, a sticky note, or a journal. Oddly enough, while I love affirmations, I’m not big on the self-help section at the bookstore. When I venture that way by accident I high-tail it out of there to any other genre. Why? Because the short and sweet ones work better for me because I can memorize them.

There have been times when I have even made fun of the “daily affirmation” like when now-Senator Al Franken performed his fictional character on Saturday Night Live. Effeminate, sweater-wearing, Stuart Smalley was a man who attended far too many “self help” and 12-step programs and the character, living entirely in his affirmed world, took off so well that his catchphrase became a popular household phrase: I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And, doggone it, people like me. 


But the only time when I bought into the daily affirmation entirely was in 2010 when Jessica of Jessica’s Daily Affirmations went viral. She was a tiny girl who stood in the mirror telling herself what made her happy about herself and her sweet voice and boisterous spirit made sharing video memes the cool part of the day. Jessica would enthusiastically stand in front of the bathroom mirror and tell herself what she liked. What a way to start your morning, right?

Of course, it made me curious to find out what Jessica’s up to these days and, doggone it, I found something! Jessica is now a teenager and, in her words, a pretty normal one. She enjoys hanging with friends and doesn’t look back on her time as an internet sensation as anything special, but says her dad uploaded some videos to share with family and that her Daily Affirmation one had about 1,000 views and then shot off to Internet fame with a viral video shared over and over again. The first time I saw it my thoughts were, “Oh, how cute!” and I smiled. Watching it again, however, I realized that she was on to something and that a little girl who liked herself was actually an anomaly and boy, doesn’t that seem like a backwards thought? Kids are supposed to be like this, bubbly and enthusiastic and full of whimsy. Jessica was wise beyond her years as was her dad for sharing her pep talk with the world.


In the interview below, you can see Jessica, still growing up and learning some things.

I like how simple Jessica makes things and she doesn’t appear to be anything but a typical teenager who either wants to be an interior designer or a lawyer. She’s a reader, she Skypes with her friends, and enjoys Modern Family on television. In short, Jessica’s learned how to get through life by simply enjoying things.

Jessica’s first Affirmation video was a litany of things she likes. She likes her dad, her school, her hair, and a whole host of other things. Like many people, I can get stuck in a rut of listing off things I don’t like and when I find that I’m complaining too much, a reminder of detailing what things I like is pretty easy medicine to take.

If that’s not the best affirmation, that a young girl who looked herself in the mirror and found what she liked, then I don’t think I’ll ever know what is.

I’m looking for a little more Jessica positivity in my life. How do you get through your day?

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Update, June 2016: We still love this post, and are glad you do, too! For more inspiration on being the best YOU that you can be, check out

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Written by Coleen Paratore and illustrated by Clare Fennell

Three friends discover that being BIG isn’ t measured by years, or weight, or inches. It’ s being a friend to others, the Earth, and yourself! Winner of three awards, including the Gelett Burgess Children’ s Book Award, Growing Up.

3 thoughts on “All Grown Up with Jessica’s Daily Affirmations

  1. Jessica was cute when she was little and this video always brought a smile to my face.
    One of my favorite affirmation quote is “Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods… so let us celebrate the struggle!” It was in my favorite movie Lorenzo’s Oil.

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