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7 Gifts for Little Yogis

1. This troops mission? To keep calm and soldier on.  Yoga Joes will  make everyone fall in love with yoga.

2. Practicing yoga makes kids feel empowered and now they can wear these feelings on their sleeve! Every purchase of Sudara’s “Little World Changer” clothes invests in job-creation and skills-training to empower Indian women who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children.

3. Laurie Jordan’s Yawning Yoga is the perfect end to a long day. When your little pickles are feeling overwhelmed, allow Jordan’s rhythmic descriptions to guide them through a relaxing bedtime yoga routine.

4. Pack up your yoga gear in the cool State backpack! For every bag sold, another one is filled with school supplies and given to a child in need.

5. Ever wonder what happens to old yoga mats? Look down at your feet!  These sandals are made from old yoga mats!

6. Cuddle up with this lovable Dog Tired Down Dog from Pebble, which has created quality employment for the young, illiterate women of rural Bangladesh.

7. Every Yawning Yogi needs a blankie to snuggle! With every Happy Blankie purchase, a blankie is given to a child in need.


Food & Farm Gifts for a Well-Fed World

Small Birds, wool tennis shoes. Smallbirds offers toe wiggling, free-as-a-bird comfort for kids on a mission. Plus, each pair comes with a free Sadie Shaves the Day picture book for a limited time. Written by Allbirds Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Joey Zwillinger, Sadie Shaves the Day celebrates curiosity, community, and the courageous individual actions that can create great positive impact.

Are you bringing up adventurous eaters? Give them a chance to drink outside the box with Camel Milk from Desert Farms, a certified B Corp. Not up for drinking it? Try camel milk soap.

The Unicef Kid Powerband does double-duty as it encourages your little pickle to move while helping convert educational challenges into food packets for kids living in extreme poverty around the world.

For raising educated eaters there’s no better place to start than Diana Prichard’s The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen. This humorous tale of how one young boy learns that food doesn’t just come from the grocery store is a great way to get kids thinking and talking about food, farming, and the ways in which we nourish ourselves.

Cuddle + Kind hand knit dolls help feed ten kids in need with every purchase. Choose from dolls fashioned after everything from hipster cats to jumper-clad deer to multicultural mermaids.

These Heifer stuffed animals are an adorable reminder of the benefits livestock provide!

Kid Gifts for a Kinder World

1.  The Doll Kind is a gift that both gives back and pays it forward. For every Doll Kind purchase made, a second doll is donated to a child in need, but the kindness doesn’t end there. Each doll also comes with kindness tokens that inspire kids to be kind to those around them in little ways each day.

2. GAP Kids has partnered with R.J. Palacio to promote the #ChooseKind campaign this holiday season. Not only are they helping spread the word about Palacio’s hit book and big screen debut, WONDER, their choose kind collection features drawn-by-kids-for-kids tees so they can sport messages of kindness and empathy everywhere they go.

3. What Does It Mean To Be Kind? by Rana DiOrio leaves no stone unturned in the quest for the meaning of kindness and reveals myriad ways that kids can be kind to one another in the process.

4. Handcraft a bouquet of flowers to leave on a gate, tag your local sidewalks with messages of love and acceptance, hang Made You Look flyers all around town to spread messages of kindness… whatever your random acts of kindness style, Renegade made craft kits have an option to help you be “overtly creative and covertly kind.”

5. The Sunny & Stormy Day game from Peaceable Kingdom encourages families to share from the heart, make meaningful connections, and practice empathy with one another. Play before bed for a great way to wrap up another day of making the world a better place.