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New Year, New Direction

Dear Friends:

Eight years ago, I founded Little Pickle Press, Inc. (now, March 4th, Inc.) to develop media that encourages meaningful conversations between children and their caring adults about topics that really matter. The challenge, of course, is that children learn best when they are unaware they’re doing so. We met this challenge by creating stories that engage and entertain children while relaying the value of character—qualities such as kindness, honesty, bravery, and patience—and inspiring its development.

Practicing What We Preach

Now more than ever, we believe that if society is to flourish (even survive), it must imbue character in its young people. Recent domestic and international events have made it increasingly clear that time is of the essence, and this sense of urgency has caused us to question whether we are doing all we can in service of young people, their caring adults, and our stakeholders. We concluded that our platform simply could not facilitate the impact we intended in a timely manner. So, practicing the growth mindset we preach, March 4th pivoted. Yesterday, we announced a new partnership with Sourcebooks, Inc., pursuant to which Sourcebooks acquired physical, e-book, foreign, and audio rights in all our existing titles, and Little Pickle Press became an imprint of Jabberwocky, Sourcebook’s children’s brand.

Why Sourcebooks?

With their steadfast belief that books change lives, a dynamic entrepreneur in Dominique Raccah at the helm (Publisher’s WeeklyPublishing Person of the Year” and Book Industry Study Group’s “Innovator of the Year”), and a seasoned crew of book-lovers, we quickly became convinced that a March 4th/Sourcebooks partnership was the best route to maximizing both the effect of our stories and shareholder value.

What Does This Mean?

The partnership with Sourcebooks not only validates all that we’ve accomplished but also gives us the benefit of an “800-lb. gorilla”—with a dedicated sales force covering the trade, as well as schools and libraries, and gift and specialty markets—to further our interests. Our powerful partner will now be the driving force behind our legacy business, leveraging strong industry relationships to place our stories in the hands of more children and paying March 4th licensing fees based on those improved results.

What About March 4th?

March 4th will, well, . . . march forth! We will contribute to the March 4th/Sourcebooks collaboration by sharing sales information and best practices (e.g., who knew that Ag In The Classroom has 50 chapters, most of which are interested in The Cow In Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen?). We will also help to chart a course for the Little Pickle Press imprint of Jabberwocky, so we’ll be seeking more intellectual property (so please keep the submissions coming via And we will leverage our intellectual property into stories and characters brought to life through videos, films, merchandise, EdTech platforms, and aStories™ (i.e., augmented story apps) for young people and in support of books and e-books published by our partners (Sourcebooks and others)—all with the continued purpose of inspiring character development in young people.

I’m very proud of the Sourcebooks partnership, as I deeply believe it serves the best interests of us all. Your belief in our purpose, patience, and support of our efforts have catalyzed this result—thank you! We are energized and excited about our future and look forward to briefing you about exciting new developments as they emerge. We hope that your New Year is filled with peace, laughter, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Very kindly,
Rana DiOrio