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The Worldwide Tribe

Throughout the month of December, we’ve been sharing organizations, non-profits, people, and companies that inspire us to give back to our communities and the world around us using the hashtag #GiveBack. For Day 22, we’re sharing The Worldwide Tribe with you!


The Worldwide Tribe aims to create one tribe of global citizens, by connecting people all over the world, to redefine what it means to be a community

What is The Worldwide Tribe?

The Worldwide Tribe is a grassroots organization harnessing the power of social media to act immediately and responsively to the current refugee crisis, while encouraging and informing a community of global citizens. “We have used our social reach to develop a committed audience who want to exercise their personal power in a positive way, and have been able to harness this to directly affect change in refugee camps in Calais and Lesvos. Our current projects include a volunteer programme in Lesvos, where we are also working to build a dome to provide much needed shelter for women and children. We continue to work in Calais, where we are installing WiFi in the camp and have funded the build of a custom-fire truck to prevent further devastation.”

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We asked the founders, Jaz and Jess, what inspired them to #GiveBack:

We first went to the refugee camp in Calais to understand the human stories behind the negative headlines we were reading. The hospitality and kindness we were met with, combined with the inspirational, heroic stories we were told have inspired us to continue to support the incredible people stuck there.

Spending time in the camp reaffirms our belief that deep down, underneath the layers of culture, language, habits and beliefs, we are all the same, all human and we all have a responsibility for one another. The determination and strength of the refugees we meet is the driving force behind everything that we do.

What we have learnt from them is invaluable. We constantly take more away from the camp and this whole experience than we are ever able to give in return and for that we are forever grateful!


So far, our crowdfunding campaigns and social reach have enabled us to achieve the following:

  • Install a number of WiFi points in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais to bring a vital form of communication to those who are having to live there.
  • Fund the build of custom fire-truck from Arcadia, which will be able to navigate the terrain of the Calais Jungle to provide safety and immediate response that emergency services cannot.
  • Secure a dome from Pacific Domes Europe which will be transported to the Pikpa refugee camp in Lesvos and will provide vital shelter and safety for vulnerable women and children.
  • Provide building materials for the Pikpa camp in Lesvos which has greatly improved the structure and stability of the camp, and has impacted profoundly on living conditions.
  • Develop a strategy to implement a volunteer programme in Lesvos, providing imperative support for those on the islands, while creating an outlet for the many people who want to help.
  • Facilitate the travel and placement of over a dozen qualified doctors to the Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, alongside our counterparts at Help Refugees.
  • Collect and distribute numerous shipments of physical donations to Calais and Lesvos, a task which we have now handed over to CalAid.
  • Speak at various schools and conferences about the refugee crisis, what life is like in a refugee camp and what people can do to help.

In the future we plan to continue to expand our work and support for refugees across Europe. We hope to roll-out our WiFi solution across further refugee camps, continue to support the development and improvement of conditions on the island of Lesvos and work to use our platform and social reach to inspire a global community.

Learn more about the Tribe and ways you can help (including putting on your own fundraiser!) at & on Facebook

You can donate directly to The Worldwide Tribe at

Why not hold your own fundraiser? You could do a sponsored walk/run/cycle, a bake sale or host a party – the possibilities are endless! You can pay your funds raised into or you can set up your own fundraiser through MyDonate in aid of The Worldwide Tribe!

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