Tunes to Sweeten Your Day

10 Tunes to Sweeten Your Day

It’s no secret that music makes life sweeter; the right tune can snap us out of a funk and restore the spring to our step. With that in mind, here are my top ten tunes to sweeten your day.

10. Sugar, Sugar—The Archies. Okay, so it’s a bit obvious. But who can deny the goofy charm of this definitive bubblegum classic? If you’ve got toddlers, this is the perfect song to get them bopping around the living room with you.

9. Till There Was You—Meredith Wilson. Whether your favorite version comes from The Music Man or The Beatles, the sweetness of this tune is irresistible. Birds, bells, and a host of loving imagery; all ignored until that certain someone comes along.

8. You Are My Sunshine—Davis/Mitchell. Raise your hand if you haven’t sung the chorus of this to your little ones. Even the somewhat mournful verses have a certain sweet charm, and the song has been covered by everyone from Bing Crosby to Ike and Tina Turner.

7. You Are the Woman—Firefall. How can you not love a song that acknowledges your outer awesomeness while insisting that what’s inside is what counts? ‘Nuff said.

6. Forever and Ever, Amen—Randy Travis. This song always puts a smile on my face, especially when it gets to the part about old women talking about old men.

5. If I Had a Million Dollars—Barenaked Ladies. This song makes me think of the sweetly awkward ramblings of my husband while we were still dating. Too shy to come right out and state his feelings, he would come up with various lyrical ways to express himself. And yes, I have always wanted a monkey!

4. It’s Been a Long, Long Time—Styne/Cahn. Anyone who has felt the sting of separation can relate to this lovely piece from the end of World War II. Sharing the joy of a reunion, the line “words can wait until some other day” sums up sweetness in a universal way.

3. At Last—Gordon/Warren. Although a few singers have tried this one, it’s the one and only Etta James who pours warm honey over the deceptively simple lyrics of this sweet classic, written in 1941.

2. Side by Side—Woods/Kahn. Despite being written in 1923, this song has plenty of relevance in today’s crummy economy. Though broke, ragged, and lacking in all-weather gear, the singer knows that being together makes everything worthwhile.

1. In My Life—The Beatles. This is the closest I get to having a favorite song. I sang it to my son when he was a few hours old; I sang it to my husband while he lay unconscious in a hospital bed. The lyrics state that sure, I may have had a life before you came along, but none of it compares to the miracle of you. What could be sweeter than that?

Well, there’s my list; now it’s your turn. What would you suggest as the top ten tunes to sweeten your day?

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